At OMI, you have the unique opportunity to study and play your sport in Italy.

We offer two different programs: graduate and study abroad. The aim of the Olympic Management Institute is to provide an unforgettable experience where study, play and be immersed in a city full of history, art and tradition is possible.

Learn, Aspire, Succeed

At Olympic Management Institute, you have endless opportunities to learn from a professional faculty staff. We want our student-athletes to strive for success and we are here to provide the best tools to make them achieve their professional goals.

Master Program in Sports Management & Coaching

Our unique master program is designed for those who want to pursue a successful career in the sports industry. We have reshaped the typical sports management degree according to the modern trends which completely changed the approach to this industry. Sports is a very complex and dynamic subject and that is why it is very important to stay up to date and be able to adapt to changes

Other than Sports Management, our Institute wants to focus on a specific aspect of the game: Coaching. Lots of student-athletes decide to pursue a career in coaching after their playing experience in the game. That is why OMI offers professional and specific coaching classes. We want to provide our students with a comprehensive knowledge, keeping in mind the number scientific, socio-cultural, economic and legal aspects necessary for the functioning and development of the sport. Not only our students learn in classroom, they also have the possibility to apply their acquired knowledge on the field by leading training sessions

Study Abroad Program

Enrolling 500 students a semester from over 40 countries, The American University of Rome has hosted Study Abroad students for 5 decades working with renowned education institutions in the U.S. and individual ‘independent’ visiting students to provide a range of exciting and challenging programs that meet the needs of Study Abroad students and are fully integrated with their home programs. At the same time, they can be part of our professional soccer academy led by some of the best coaches in the sector. We are the only institution that can offer this kind of opportunity in Italy, one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Study in Rome and explore Italy and Europe.

Professional Faculty

At Olympic Management Institute, you can learn from world-class, internationally recognized faculty who are committed to providing you with the encouragement and individual attention you need to fully realize your academic potential. Their expertise in so many fields will open your eyes and mind to the professional possibilities that await you.
Our faculty is committed to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in your professional career. Through their guidance, students gain important connections in the sports industry which are a fundamental aspect in today’s world. One of the main goals of OMI is to provide our students with a strong network that can create internships, part-time, and full-time opportunities with some of the most important national and international agencies in different sectors.