Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Italy and our basketball tradition is famous across the world. Based on tactics and technical skills, the Italian basketball coaching school is well-known because of the sophisticated and detail-oriented style. You probably already know some of the best current Italian players like Danilo Gallinari and Marco Belinelli, both considered NBA veterans, but also some of the best Italian coaches like Ettore Messina and Sergio Scariolo.

Olympic Management Institute, in partnership with “The American University of Rome” provides a one-year Master’s degree in Sports Management & Basketball Coaching recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). During the OMI Master’s degree, student-athletes will be able to showcase their talent to basketball teams in Italy in order to have a chance of getting signed. They also will meet national and international recognized basketball coaches as well as professionals from the basketball world. Our Director of Basketball and Professor Marco Bonamico is a legend of Italian basketball: his career on the court was amazing and it also includes the achievement of one Olympic silver medal, one European gold medal, two Italian Serie A titles and two Coppa Italia titles.


Kobe Byrant, who grew up in Italy, said that his Italian basketball experience has been one of the factors that contributed to him being widely considered as one of the greatest.

“It gave me a huge advantage actually because when I grew up playing overseas, I was learning the fundamentals of the game. I wasn’t learning the between-the-legs, behind-the-back stuff. I was learning just tactical things like moving without the ball or making the fundamentally sound passes, left hand, right hand. How to use the angle on the bank shot. How to hide behind screens – just all the tactical things. We would have been lucky to scrimmage and play once a week. We’d be really lucky to do that.” (Kobe Bryant)