While attending a Master’s program in Sports Management & Soccer Coaching, with SMI you have the opportunity to train and play soccer at high level through our private academy located in Rome.

The academy’s goal is to provide a professional soccer environment where you can keep growing as a player and as an individual led by our professional coaching staff. Both the female and male teams practice 4 times per week plus a weekly game against pro and semi-pro Italian teams. Every player is monitored by our staff and by professional scouts looking for talent to sign.

Our main goal is to provide the greatest possible exposure to all of our players. Indeed, in a normal showcase, players only have one or two practices to show their soccer skills and impress professional soccer coaches. In our program instead, you have an entire season to express your talent to make it to the highest level. The best profiles have the chance to sign professional contracts and start a career in Italy, one of the most competitive and innovative soccer country in the world.

By attending SMI, you would not only have the opportunity to get a Master’s degree in Sports Management & Soccer Coaching, and play soccer at high level; you would also directly experience the fascinating Italian culture made up of history, traditions, sport, art, cuisine, and much more.

SMI gives you the possibility to live an authentic and professional experience while surrounded by a spectacular scenery.